Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sets us apart from an apprenticeship program? 
This is a more concentrated program as compared to an apprenticeship which can be drawn out throughout years. We focus on learning rather than working experience for you to earn the knowledge needed in this profession.
2. Will I need to take an apprenticeship program after completing this program? 
No, you are not required to attend an apprenticeship program. In the length of this course you will be receiving the knowledge & training you would get in a one year apprenticeship program. You will be equipped with a strong foundation to practice the basic skills of tattooing. There is always room for continuing your education and we will offer future opportunities for job placement and continued mentorship for those interested.
3. Do I need to be good at drawing in order to learn how to tattoo?                                                                                                                                             How good someone is at drawing is a matter of opinion the fact is even if you can’t draw. The basic need to draw for tattooing can be developed within this program. So no need to fear if you think you cannot draw.
4. Will I be tattooing on real skin during this program? 
Yes, although you will begin on fake skin first, a good portion of the curriculum will be hands on tattooing on human skin which will be a good opportunity to start building your portfolio.
5. Will I be ready to legally start working as a tattoo artist upon graduation? 
Yes, you will be able to obtain a Florida State Tattoo License upon completion of this course! If you are attending our school from out of state, you must check with your local state office and/or health department on what your state requires for licensure.
6. Are there payment plans available or financial aid options I can apply for? 
No, we do not accept financial aid at this time. YES we do accept payment plans! We do not want finances to stand in your way so we can create custom plans for you.
7.) I am a veteran or a dependent or spouse of a veteran. Do you accept the GI Bill? 
YES we do accept the GI Bill, our school code is 5633.

8.) Will there be job placement opportunities available after completing this program?                                                                                                           Yes! We provide students and alumni with ongoing career placement assistance as well as entrepreneurial support to those planning to create and grow their own private business. We have created an online private alumni social media group, which offers life-long connection and support. We post all current jobs available for employment and we encourage our graduates to share opportunities as well.

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